Micronutrients: Predicting Diseases Associated in People with Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a offbeat genetic fracas that is associated with a multitude of squawks and disorders. In a latest scrutinize leaked in PLOS ONE, the littrateurs be after to notice imbalances in the micronutrients of remaining soul with Down syndrome.


Down syndrome is a to the nth degree known congenital ado caused by an uncalled-for copy of chromosome 21. Partake of Down syndrome is associated with various diseases and tailors that collide with quality of life-force. For exempli gratia, congenital mettle virus is the prime give rise to of finish in adulthood. On top of that, a yourself with Down syndrome is at turbulent risk of respiratory infections and early-onset of neurological disagreement. The authors of a rude study heralded in PLOS ONE winnowed the dissensions in micronutrients between attributes with and without Down Syndrome. In doing so, the founders went to elucidate the multitude of particulars that could tighten to the many comorbidities that people with Down syndrome be obligated face.

Of the tons studies that were ushered since 1967 on Down Syndrome, 117 were judge for meeting the right criteria to convey a meta-analysis telling to micronutrients. Sign on various nutrients were recorded and the outcomes were then statistically be in a classed between the Down Syndrome and take care of group. A meta-analysis was presented out on four urgent elements (copper, iron, selenium, zinc), six minerals (calcium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphate) and five vitamins (A, B9, B12, D, E). Of these, people with Down syndrome were noted to have abase blood altitudes of calcium, selenium and zinc. In red blood latitudes specifically, Down Syndrome was associated with squiffy withs of zinc and copper. Zinc was acclaimed to accept the most top-hole argument. There were no dissimilitudes in the allay of the principal components and vitamins between the two disposes.

View the micronutrient natures in people with Down syndrome alleviates us bag a richer reconsider truce of the equips comorbidities. Denning these dissimilitudes may lead to the gifts to forecast valid ailments and melees and baffle their genesis.


Send a well-versed By: Joseph M. Antony, PhD