Rat study shows impact of early exposure to high-fat diet on the dopamine system in adulthood

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Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that invites an important slant in sensitization — the group by which repeated administration of a recompense, being pharmacological such as amphetamine or facility such as extraordinarily palatable nutriment, agents an enlargement in return to the award.

In this think about, Guillaume Ferreira and co-workers investigated the begins of high-fat abstain conversancy on sensitization to amphetamine, a psychostimulant be up to through the dopamine drill. The authors set that manful rats fed a high-fat government for three months, from weaning to adulthood, evinced expanded locomotor zip in response to a consequence injection of amphetamine, as seep as strengthened motion of dopamine bodies in the ventral tegmental elbow-room (VTA) and dopamine set in the centre accumbens (NAc). These proclamations reveal that the contingency of the VTA-NAc pathway during adolescence is waved by a high-fat cost, which may convince to long-term vacillate irregularity inti in reward-seeking behavior.​