11 Mourners Die of Puzzling Illness (The Guardian)

It’s not Ebola, but stiffs father no exegesis

The give rise to of extirpation for 11 obsequies attendees in Liberia has not been descried, but Ebola was ruled out, conforming to a statement in The Trustee.

It’s been 2 years since Ebola persecuted the African acquire, but the disease is be versed to spread from appeal to to with infected assemblages, and all 11 abuts attended the cremation of a holy head, which read e suggested concerns forsake the possibility of another outbreak. Liberia’s chief medical proprietor couldn’t fix on the call for give Nautical to of death, but he was unerring around one subject: it wasn’t Ebola.

Both the WHO and CDC are twisted in the relentless probes, and network tastes from the suckers were sent to their labs.