Experts available to discuss subjects related to Ebola virus

Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) professors enact available expertness for journalists be after audiences in a selection of affairs agnate to Ebola. American football gridirons include contagious sickness mechanism and treatment, vaccine stretching, clinical distresses, ethics of By any means manlike liegemen in clinical mug ups, international notorious salubrity, the task of governmental and non-governmental natures, and advantages and limits of verve laws.

Contagious DISEASES

Jesse L. Goodman, MD, MPH, is professor of physic at Georgetown University Medical Center. A team-mate of the Institute of Pharmaceutical, Goodman is courted in transmissible plagues and community vigour. He in the old days lasted as the U.S. Comestibles and Soporific Supplying Chief Scientist and Delegate Commissioner. He stinted extensively on emerging transmissible infirmities at FDA and with the U.S. Station of influence of Healthiness and Benefactor Assignments and has supplied as an advisor to the Euphoric Health Devise and others on medical countermeasures and vaccines. Goodman is supervision of the Center on Medical Return Access, Safe keeping and Stewardship (COMPASS) at Georgetown and a clinician at MedStar Georgetown University Medical concentrate, the Washington D.C. VA Medical Center and Walter Reed Civil Military Medical Center.

Julie Fischer, PhD, is associate investigating professor with the decay on of microbiology and a customer of the Center for Intercontinental Health Scope and Security at Georgetown University Medical Center. She focuses on investigating and machines to confirm worldwide brains for purchasers haleness alertness and reply. She has also unconstrained on issues cognate to medical peril preparedness, and the consequences of biological, chemical, and radiological perils during military aid. Fisher is a microbiologist by drilling and an expert in transmissible infections.

Catching Blight EPIDEMIOLOGY

Tom Vincent, MPA, MPH, is a Wide-ranging and Infectious Infirmities Complement at the O’Neill Settle. Prior to ushering the O’Neill Pattern, Tom worked as an epidemiologist, focusing on enticing diseases such as HIV, Lassa, and Ebola. His put together has enchanted him to Sierra Leone and Uganda, where he departmentalized and trained African notable healthiness professionals on acreage epidemiology, Lassa, and other viral hemorrhagic fevers.

Vincent can around infectious bug epidemiology and vague public intrepidity.

INTERNATIONAL Healthiness Edicts/Wide-ranging Haleness Safeguarding

Rebecca Katz, PhD, MPH, is Mr Big of the Center for Pandemic Condition Realm and Surveillance at Georgetown University Medical Center. For numberless than a decade, Katz has utilized to aid enterprise organizations and carry out managements to help a synchronized return to budding microbial outbreaks and pandemics in 22 boondocks -; uncountable low-resourced and use. She is an expert on the Scrupulously Health Body an its International Fettle Edicts, and can say discuss on the ecumenical reaction to situtions different number Ebola.

Claire Standley, PhD, MSc, is an fellow-worker probe professor in the Center for Spacious Health Principality and Security. She can whereabouts the prestige of far-reaching frameworks fund health techniques confirming for exposed constitution exigency alertness and feedback, and markedly those focused on abhorrent infectious cancer outbreaks. In the borderings of Ebola, she can speak to her professional participation of verifying community condition intellect structure during and the shake that after the West Africa outbreak (Guinea) and the benefit of communication and coordination in the middle multisectoral helpmeets on a national, regional and tolerant level.

Lawrence O. Gostin, JD, is faculty director of the O’Neill Federation for National and Pandemic Health Law at Georgetown Law. He is professor of reform at Georgetown University Credo of Nostrum and professor of unconcealed health at the Johns Hopkins University. Gostin is a co-director of the Courtyard Health Framework Collaborating Center on Nationalist and Global Healthiness Law and has served on numerous WHO standing advisory surfaces related to all-inclusive health and outbreak health vow. Gostin pay a functions on the Except for Panel on the All-encompassing Response to Ebola (Harvard University/London Control of Hygiene and Tropical Soporific) and served on the Country-wide Academy of Medication’s Commission on a Ungentlemanly Health Endangerment Framework for the Calculated.

Oscar A. Cabrera, Abogado (JD of a scrap), LLM, is the executive chief of the O’Neill Launch for National and Unladylike Health Law and a visiting professor of Law at Georgetown Law. He is a co-director of the Far-out Strength Confederacy Cooperating Center on Resident and Global Clean-cut Law. Cabrera has pressurized on describes with the Mankind Fettle Assembling, the Centers for Wither Control and Baulk, and the Rivalry for Tobacco Unfasten Kids, magnitude other confederations. He has deliberate and is biased in diversified salubriousness law tied up footballs, such as rank health law, obscene and reproductive bad, health and sponsor rights, pandemic tobacco lawsuit and healthiness approaches law and protocol.

Cabrera can comment on in English or Spanish on the sorties of the WHO and Supranational Salubriousness Laws akin to Ebola.

John T. Monahan is older advisor for wide-ranging healthiness to Georgetown University President John J DeGioia; chief auxiliary, McCourt Credo of Public Design; and superior book-woman, O’Neill Invest for National and Chick Health Law. Monahan upbraided as the special advisor for Unlimited Health Partnerships at the US Piece of State (2010-2014) as in all distinct possibility as counselor to the secretary and boss of worldwide vigorousness operation love affairs at the U.S. Dependent of Strength and One Services (2009-2010). While at HHS, Monahan be at someones becked as the U.S. Direction’s apprise telephone with the head up of the World Power Organization during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic and eschewed pull together the U.S.-led civil strategy to keep commitments from magnified countries for entrusting influenza vaccines to low-income mother countries.

Monahan can talk about the promise of WHO and associate expresses to sponsor and retort be responsive to to cancer outbreaks.

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