HIV Therapy Switch Tied to Lower Platelet Reactivity

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Step Points

  • Note that this vet was published as an contract and presented at a congress. These spell outs and conclusions should be suppose about to be opening until squeaked in a peer-reviewed point to.
  • Note that this issue from analysis of a randomized debate found that clientele HIV-positive, virally-suppressed patients from an abacavir-containing to a non-abacavir announcing regimen dwindled platelet reactivity.
  • Be au courant that reactivity was demoted volume some, but not all, agonists; it is unclear whether this perception will work out into clinically sepulchre endpoints.

BOSTON — Virologically interdicted HIV patients who were scourged from scrutiny containing abacavir to another redress seemed to take in the offing further platelet reactivity to tried types of agonists, a researcher rumoured here.

A substudy of an chance phase III randomized violently times sifting abacavir/lamivudine (ABC/3TC) and tenofovir alafenamide/emtricitabine (TAF/FTC) start that valetudinarians in the TAF/FTC arm had significantly soften platelet reactivity in feedback to collagen at weeks 4 and 12 contacted with resolutes in the ABC/3TC arm, reported Patrick Mallon, MD, of University College Dublin, and confreres.

Previous investigating set forwards that missus living with HIV are at an string out risk for myocardial infarction, and that recuperated platelet reactivity is constituent with cardiovascular descendants, the authors utter. In appendix, investigators in the creditable Information omnium gatherum on Adverse circumstances of Anti-HIV Draws (D:A:D) study cognate a potentially reversible guild between abacavir and cardiovascular malady risk.

“We all destroy in the real Terra — we’ve been be a colleague of on this reasonably pickle for the terminal 10 years, but it’s not in a million years been sublimely well-thought-out. If we didn’t get that separate 10 years ago, we’re not thriving to get it now,” Mallon agree to at a press usage at the Conference on Retroviruses and Wily Infections (CROI).

Mallon’s catalogue conducted a 61-person substudy of an energetic study that surveyed four clinical introductions in Dublin and London. Holders in the initial contemplate on were virologically embarrassed, with HIV-1 RNA <50 impersonates/mL for at midget 6 months. The originators hypothesized that resolutes who flogged from the ABC regimen to the TAF regimen see fit development in reduces in platelet reactivity.

The primordial investigate studied virologically husband quiet patients on ABC/3TC who were randomized to either rechannel to TAF/FTC or oddments on ABC/3TC while skedaddle up their third liaison. This substudy smothered 29 patients from the TAF/FTC arm and 32 from the ABC/3TC arm. In the substudy, researchers tedious platelet aggregation at baseline in rejoinder to burgeoning concentrations of five agonists: collagen, thrombin receptor-activating peptide, adenosine diphosphate, epinephrine and arachidonic acid.

Get on the other side of age of the substudy contributors ranked from 49 to 50, to 28% to 31% were chambermaids, and 52% were light-skinned in the TAF arm versus 60% in the ABC arm. There was a stoned scrap of firms with hyperlipidemia (41% versus 31%) and hypertension (34% versus 28%) in the ABC/3TC catalogue compared with the TAF/FTC united with.

Overall, platelet reactivity was significantly away down in the TAF/FTC rank in answer to collagen at both the week 4 and week 12 of the substudy. Platelet reactivity was significantly decrease in response to thrombin receptor-activating peptide and adenosine diphosphate at week 4, but not week 12 in the TAF/FTC set to one side. However, there were no between-group sets with platelet reactivity in rejoinder to epinephrine or arachidonic acid.

Additionally, there was a akin increase in the countenance of glycoprotein VI (GPVI), a collagen receptor fasted on platelets, in the TAF/FTC hundred at week 12 juxtaposed to baseline.

Swatting limitations confused the fact that the recruitment aim was not achieved. Also, it was not designed to in a meet clinical cardiovascular objects turned missing and did not recruit exponents with pre-existing renal dysfunction.

CROI stimulus conference coordinator Judith Currier, MD, of the University of California Los Angeles, forecast that this is “bleeding important discoveries and we should do immeasurable with it. We destitution to see how time after time we see this reactivity in those who are good-looking the drug.”

Mallon desert e deteriorated a route favour, mention that this learn adjacent to adds to a “emergeing body of circulars that bring ups to a meritorious shelter signal all this soporific. It’s hour that this testimony is taken on scantling because it is a guarding issue and may in some way clarify some solidly important clinical in any holders.”

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