Lethal Brain Disease Seen in Hawaii (STAT News)

Rat lungworm illness transmitted by slugs has been researched on Maui

During the ancient history 3 months, there make been six the realities of the parasitic sagacity infection discerned as rat lungworm grievance on the Hawaiian eyot of Maui, which is triple the few reported on that cay in the lifestyle 10 years, conforming to a statement in STAT Info.

The disease, broadcasted by rats and ferried by slugs and snails, result froms in potentially disastrous meningitis. Scad anterior boxes in Hawaii be lasting occurred on the Big Cay.

For mitigating of the infection, legals back that all fruit and vegetables be lock washed in the dead and buried eating. Sparsely butchery or inundating the slugs isn’t enough to detain rats from put them and advocating the life run.