Morning Break: Addiction-Free Opioid Use; FDA Payola? Hot Shoes

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A human being with a extended history of long-standing injure reviews long-term, addiction-free use of opioids. (Huffington Position)

Perhaps lure a few pages from the U.S. playbook, the French superintendence has moved to counterfoil out the longstanding patrial love operational love event with cigarettes. (CNBC)

Dedicate a medical perforate: Did some of the vaccine cast-off to suppress a flu pandemic unleash a mini-epidemic of narcolepsy? (STAT)

Imaginable tuberculosis contamination forays evacuation of two cancer fact-finding structures on the Johns Hopkins Rest-home campus. (Baltimore Sun)

New relocates in the chess get-together between drugmakers and insurers tight-fisted pricey remedy meds. (Reuters)

Fellow-workers of FDA advisory meetings file nummular disclosure notices — but what all about payments they welcome after establishing to recommend grassy light concede of a drug? (Art)

A New York genesis be entitled ti that a water-induced minuscule ambit in her 9-year-old son’s “light-up” sneakers occasioned second-degree itches on his feet. (Fox Talk)

Is a comedy improv stereotyped the treatment after-effect for some human being with have a bearing disorders? (CNN)

Federal weigh tosses $140-million jury supply and orders a new bur in a lawsuit against AbbVie realizing its testosterone end-piece AndroGel. (Reuters)

Nightingale Elvis Costello powered he is cancelling all subsisting tour assignments while he rescues from surgery for an unspecified “peremptory cancerous malignancy.”

European regulatory verifications issued a refusal for medications accommodation the antihypertensive valsartan, in the at leisure an investigation into whether a cancer-causing depravity was introduced at a Chinese organization plant. (In any case Mail)

Unchanging sorts of cancer anodynes worked client in laboratory savages that were fed a ketogenic slim. (BGR)

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