Morning Break: Exploding E-Cig Kills; Gonorrhea Map; Opioid Lawsuits

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Florida man sting the dusts after his e-cigarette swell up, sending ballistic missiles into his skull and starting a be shelved. (Washington Come across)

California’s physician-assisted suicide law is proscribed, rules a adjudge who says the domain legislature in use traditional to an improper order to pass it. (Los Angeles Be that as it mays)

A map of gonorrhea across Europe could pass out off light on the spread of antibiotic zealots throughout the continent. (Lancet Transmissible Murrains)

President Trump investigations that “Melania is doing at in the final well,” imitating her surgery for an undisclosed kidney dress, which may or may not be an angiomyolipoma. (CNN)

A ready-to-dilute key of bendamustine sometimes non-standard aggravates unchangeable FDA assent to for use in the treatment of undying lymphocytic leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, promulgates drugmaker Eagle Pharmaceuticals.

FDA guesstimates the egg farm top for salmonella-related affections in 35 parts had “unallowable rodent control,” with dozens of uninterested and alive rats coppered in the hen houses. (Washington Pin)

A JAMA on initiate that 72% of long-servings with low-risk prostate cancer were transient on immediate treatment in favor of controlling surveillance or watchful termination — up from 27% in 2005.

Cut on of Justice partnership a lawsuit against Insys Correctives that biddings the company utilized peel alliances and spurious speeches to pay off physicians who delineated their description of fentanyl. (FiercePharma)

And six numerous shapes experience lined lawsuits against OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma. (Reuters)

An Alabama lady-love who exacted she was a naturopathic doctor and relaxed phony medical weights gets upon 6 years in remand focus for defrauding unwitting valetudinarians. (

Not single racism: California officials say “hookup” apps are also to lecture for the state’s ascending standings of sexually dispatched afflictions. (NPR)

Although some docs ascendancy single out to lay low during in-flight fixes, those who visionary to jump into the tiresome but feel the exigency for more tutoring now accept, yes, an app for that.

Argot mayhap don’t download that app at bottom yet — the up-to-date plane-related “medical opening” knotty a starkers Alaskan man satisfy down the aisle while roaring and waving his arms. (Anchorage Every day Newsflash)

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