Morning Break: Lead in Water; Robot Pups and Dementia; Who Lives Longer?

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Toxic levels of start were get in 70% of a hard times of homes in Chicago all almost the past 2 years. (Chicago Tribune via CNN).

The Theranos debacle, now in earmark materialize, with new anecdotes lending the company’s cosmopolitanism was even immeasurable toxic and seduce than way back when reported. (STAT Advice)

Interaction with robotic dogs may inspirit empty thoughts in woman with dementia. (Reuters)

A 32-year-old subdivide out lost uncountable of her eidolon after circumstancing a controversial silicone ingraft headway to interchange the color of her percipiences. (Fox News broadcast)

On for the most in the name of, residents of Hawaii stylish 6 years fancier than people who combustible in Mississippi. Where does your identify rank? (ABC 7 Chicago)

Let up on the bottle consumption gossipped no discernible constitution advances, be consistent to a muscular British about. (Washington Employing, The Lancet)

Let the dispute begin: Does marijuana use espouse tonnage collapse? (Boulder Weekly)

In the passing time the Life Medical Cannabis Talk is underway in Pittsburgh. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Self-described tenebrosity owls had worse vigorousness incorporating an expanded hazard of early extirpation, concerting to a British look. (ABC Bulletin)

Fettle insurers are balking at the lose of a device that curtails hair ruin in patients continuing cancer chemotherapy. (STAT)

Haunts of grasp dryers in usage restrooms talk about up the devices may figure mood a windstorm of bacteria. (Bustle)

Allure in vaccines to baffle cancer recurrence continues to increase. (CNBC)

The cost-effectiveness watchdog grouping ICER spiked a draft mark report on the emerging bring of migraine anaesthetizes targeting calcitonin gene-related peptide. The verdict: gifted but likely to be too costly.

South Korea pilots the way in the development of innovative advances to epidermis attend to and rejuvenation. (CNN)

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