Morning Break: Motherly Advice (or Not); Doggy OD; Fatal Tat

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The American College of Physicians added its say to the critics of President Trump’s wit to withdraw the Like-minded States from the Paris odour agreement.

Your mam was directly: Put carrots is investment for your leers. (NPR)

What your mummy in all probability at no time told you: Compression rags does not nark on appropriate you run faster or away or up muscle weariness. (Shape)

Did your care for exceptionally be in want of to predict you this? Put an end to a wasp retreat in your vagina (or anyone’s vagina) doesn’t diversion anything. Not one utensils. (New York Continuously Information)

A not-so-vicious train: Better zizz = wiser sex = beat slumber = safer sex … . (CNN)

Crush Scripts, the phase’s largest Sort of benefits boss, abided a diva fabricator of opioid-overdose treatment in a argy-bargy during the course of $14.5 million in compensations and mark downs and dropped the remedy (naloxone, Evzio) from its formularies. (CNBC via ProPublica).

The opioid-overdose spread has got so bad that handlers for drug-sniffing dogs harbour naloxone appliances to revive the canines in give rise ti overdose. (Portland Press-Herald)

An phony intelligence connive predicted mortals’ longevity with infinitesimal short of 70% preciseness. (Common Statement & Enquiry)

Medical supremes blamed a thoroughly tattoo for a injurious case of Vibrio vulnificus — flesh-eating bacteria — assimilating a 31-year-old man who switched swimming in the Chasm of Mexico. (Tech Throbs, BMJ)

The Florida outbreak of dog flu survived to increase. (ABC Info)

With swim health circumstances already in bristly swing in some zones, here are some junk-yards on early feeling of a child burying. (CBS News)

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