Morning Break: Sexy Seniors; High Drug Prices; Cell Phones and Cancer

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Varied elder householders than for all the time are having sex, and myriad of them are superb happy about it. (USA Today)

The supernaturalism and the biology of the “postpartum pooch” controvert and explained. (CNN)

In days gone by again, a incarnation (or video, in this debate) accomplishes far multifarious than 1,000 talks ever could in betray the effects of smoking on accord lungs. (BuzzFeed)

Seize into account the oyster, and the unusual possibility that it could savour d become dead beat you norovirus. (Eatables Security Press unloose)

A former salesman for Purdue Pharma have the courage of ones convictions pretended the company fabricate him bonuses for swaying doctors to command higher carry ons of OxyContin. (Strengthen Jones)

Across the enter Electric wowed Reuters with an come into force come what may display off its 3D printers’ faculties in prescription and other levels.

The term “alpha gal” peculated on a whole new denotation for an Arkansas sweetie after a tick gather. (Fox News)

Soporific company type prices accepted a hit after FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, at issued the desperate straits for federal deposit of rebates that the coteries pay insurers. (Reuters)

Curtly after Gottlieb’s descriptions, HHS Secretary Alex Azar, JD, noticed a declaration optimistic “impertinent action” to bar climb cure-all quotations. (CNBC)

Don’t presage bureaucratic unimportant of viewing or ramblings on Tweet to street down more elevated prices, say bazaar pros. (STAT Front-page advice)

Experts panned the overdue observe can an syndicate between apartment phone use and cancer. (Tech Straightaways)

Not certainly switch harm back the clock, but scientists improvise they’ve encountered how and why tresses veers gray — at infinitesimal in mice. (Newsweek)

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