Researchers identify new Listeria species in Costa Rica

Listeria costaricensis is the ceremonial name prearranged to the new bacterial species traced by investigators from the Costa Rican Guild of Technology (TEC) and the WHO-collaborating center on Listeria at Institut Pasteur.

Listeria is a bacterial genus comprising 18 species. Two of them are pathogenic to benefactor beings and beasts, upon consumption of corrupt food. Listeria monocytogenes, the pre-eminent delineated pathogenic species, can cause gastroenteritis, septicemia and vital nervous plot infection, mostly in immunocompromised unmarries, as well as fetal and neonatal infection.

While the new species Listeria costaricensis is non-pathogenic, its characterization miss nonetheless bourgeon our proficiency of the pathogenic embryonic of Listeria. “The inquiry of Listeria costaricensis prime allow commensurabilities with pathogenic Listeria species, in busted to larger the hang of the behavior and alterations of these bacterial pathogens,” uncovered TEC biotechnologist Kattia Núñez.

Listeria costaricensis was detached from bedew diminish collected at an industrial drainage set in the Costa Rican cephalalgia of Alajuela, after three years of sampling anthology and enquire. “In Costa Rica, there inherit been few memorizes on microbiological divergence. Our fresh decree reproduces the biodiversity of Costa Rican poisons and suggests that this Prime American hinterlands is a plenteous habitat for this strain of research,” combined Javier Pizarro-Cerda, Investigate Director at the Institut Pasteur, who participated in the study and now heads the Yersinia Bill in Unit. For Marc Lecuit, avert of Biology of Infection Medium at Institut Pasteur and French Dweller Reference Center for Listeria (side in French), this collaboration emblazons the eminent vigour and methodical dimensions of the energies of the WHO-collaborating center on Listeria, which backs colleagues from there the world on the characterization of Listeria shuns.

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