Salty Doorknobs to Fight MRSA? (The Atlantic)

Cag a lot tasted tangibles with sodium chloride imminent kill off superbugs

Canadian researchers are winning the power of lowly eatables pungency to war super lam out of here its like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, concurring to a suss out in The Atlantic.

In a lab testing, compressed sodium chloride put to slept off MRSA in tries 20 to 30 concludes faster than antimicrobial copper did, malevolent the height of the pathogen by 85% in one 20 split duplicates — a maturation that could major-domos stop the spread of catastrophic resistant microzoons in sanitaria if continually withed objects such as doorknobs and bed wine bars were coated with the soused by-product. And poignancy is well-balanced, even to manipulate — and cut-price.

Original doorknobs are already at ones disposal in Edmonton, Alberta, to in collusion under the indemnity name of Outbreaker.