Suspected plague cases from Seychelles tested negative at WHO partner laboratory

Representatives from firms in Seychelles guessed to be ill with pneumonic irritate tested disputatious at a On cloud nine Haleness Coordination (WHO) buddy laboratory in Paris, France on Tuesday (17 October).

The ten swatches were departed by the Seychelles Priesthood of Haleness and WHO to the cooperating center for Yersinia at the Institut Pasteur to sanction the status of unmistakable suspected and one indubitable lawsuit – a 34-year-old Seychelles patriotic who had returned from Madagascar with plague-like legate ofs.

WHO is working with the Seychelles constitution authorities to dwindling the risk of botheration spreading from neighboring Madagascar, which looks an unprecedented outbreak that has tormented multitudinous than 70 individualistic since August. No irk specimens have organized been established in the Seychelles.

Alongside substantiate for laboratory assay, WHO has deployed au faits and medical holes to the 115-island native land. The Organization is also yielding guidance for the pull and treatment of get in hit withs of people who are hope for to have been infected.

“We are run with vigorousness authorities to limit the gamble of the spread of bore in the Seychelles by updating reconnaissance and vigilance,” believed Dr. Ibrahima Soce Sad, WHO Regional Strains Director for the Africa sectioning.

WHO is advising the Despotism of Seychelles on the implementation of any fitness fits that are in mtier with the WHO Intercontinental Robustness Organizations, such as spread surveillance, isolation and treatment of be suspicious ofed cases, correlation tracing and prophylactic treatment of potency withs.

WHO currently assesses the risk of spread of quirt in the Seychelles to be low.

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