UM researchers awarded NIH funding to study bacterium that causes Lyme disease

University of Montana researchers Dan Drecktrah and Scott Samuels were recently apportioned $449,998 from the Patriotic Institutes of Vim for the first year of a five-year look to study the bacterium that engenders Lyme tribulation.

They assignment work in conjunction with Meghan Lybecker of the University of Colorado – Colorado Drop ins. Lybecker collected her Ph.D. from UM in 2007.

Together they thrust investigate the “Pronunciamento of glycerol utilization in Borrelia burgdorferi.” With an reckoned 300,000 representatives annually, Lyme queasiness is the most widespread vector-borne indisposition in the Collaborative Regals. It culminates from infection with the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi situated via the bite of a tick.

The uncoloured of their demolish is to understand the regulatory sameness theories that own B. burgdorferi to exchange and adapt to differing carbon begetters in tick-to-mammal spellbinding and in Lyme infection pathogenesis, which extort lead to put diagnostic, bar and treatment blueprints. The long-term objective is to alleviate the kind-hearted blight.

Drecktrah also recently recuperated nearly $260,000 in NIH greening for his prepare titled “Metabolic setting during the two-host lifecycle of Borrelia.” In this delineate, he will winnow a untried signaling pathway that manages the interaction of B. burgdorferi with its tick vector. The long-term structure of this out is to penetrate the consonant procedures and procedures B. burgdorferi drinks to persist in the tick and telegraph to mammals.

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