Vitamin D assay from CLC paves way for disease diagnosis

Carolina Ingenuous Chemistries Corp. (CLC), also unqualified as The Reagent Disk, has been agreement chemistry reagents to clinical laboratories for in every nook 25 years. CLC recently joined the EZ Vitamin D assay to their menu of after-claps and services.

The EZ Vitamin D assay is contemplated for use in clinical laboratories for the quantitative adamant of 25-OH vitamin D (Vitamin D) in hominid being serum and plasma, stealing automated chemistry analyzers.

Mileage of Vitamin D is for the assessment of vitamin D deficiency, which has been combined to many gripes including osteoporosis, rickets, and osteomalacia1.

The EZ Vitamin D Assay is the firstly and at worst 2-part, latex animated immunoturbidimetric assay for use on automated chemistry analyzers. It is fluid permanent allowing clinical laboratories to run the EZ Vitamin D assess in auditorium, at a cost-effective payment, without the deprivation for individual instrumentation.

The EZ Vitamin D assay demands no example pre-treatment or pre-dilution and determines both 25-OH Vitamin D2 and D3 equally. The new assay protects important assay throughput, rigour CV of <10% and a linear series from 7.6 – 147.8 ng/mL. It is FDA-cleared and correlates to LC-MS/ MS methods.

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