WHO supports Nigerian Government’s immunization efforts against yellow fever

The Running of Nigeria has opened a offensive to immunize 873 837 people against yellow fever in the shapes of Kwara and Kogi.

The ten-day stymie began on Friday (13 October) and readies numerous than 200 salubrity employees and volunteers. It intrudes residents age-old 9 months to 45 years old.

“This jehad aims to insure that people material out in high-risk fields are sheltered from yellow fever, and to nip in the bud the sickness from spreading to other communicates of the country,” answered Dr. Wondimagegnehu Alemu, WHO Nigeria Conventional.

WHO has been rise weight with healthiness evidences on its implementation in nine local government compasses in Kwara Structure and two LGAs in Kogi Articulate.

Nigeria has mandated support from the International Coordination Congress (ICG) on vaccine demand for yellow fever. A pandemic stockpile of 6 million instructs of the yellow fever vaccine is at for countries to access, with the bankroll of Gavi, the Vaccine Combination.

WHO and health pair ups have been arrangement the Government’s feedback to the outbreak since the incipient case of yellow fever was approved in Oke Owa Community, Ifelodun County Direction Neighbourhood of Kwara grandeur on 12 September.

WHO has deployed top-notches to Nigeria to prance surveillance and question, lab testing, loose health grant outs, and booking with at-risk communities. An Turning-point Operations Merge has been impelled in the locality to categorize the reaction.

The up to date yellow fever outbreak in Nigeria was suss out in 2002, with 20 if it should hit ons and 11 affections.

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