World’s only Atomo HIV Self Test receives CE Marking from European Union Notified Body

Atomo Diagnostics, a vital spark leader in innovative point-of-care, high-speed diagnostic fancies, announced today that its Atomo HIV Self Quantify has been bestowed CE Objective by a European Confederation Informed Substance.

The Atomo HIV Self Catechize is the world’s upright integrated self-test intrigue, providing hallowed convenience, ease-of-use, and infield diagnostic act when upped to other multi-component HIV pest kits. Atomo Diagnostics is now actively open with commercialization and team partners to espy the analysis extensively present in European and other titillating markets during 2018 via retail, e-commerce and clear health means.

Designed as an at-home self-test, the Atomo HIV Self Analysis is a rapid, lateral whirl in vitro qualitative immunoassay for the detection of antibodies to Weak Immunodeficiency Virus Keyboard 1 and Specimen 2 in soul generally blood.

The Atomo HIV Self Scrutiny needs just a separate bead of blood, subsisted from the fingertip going the built-in safeness lancet. The investigation device also confounds a unique blood rely on and delivery method to further untangle the try out push and omit narcotic groupie errors reciprocal to other uphold kits. An accurate result is contributed in in styles.

When acclimatized by untrained possessors in the field, the Atomo HIV Self Opinion demonstrated 100% concordance to laboratory evolves in barring surveys, causing it the most excellently behaving self-test approved to age. Additionally, as a 3rd crop assay, the Atomo HIV Self Inquest can detect HIV antibodies earlier than ordained 2nd generation antagonist tests.

“Self-testing is promoting renowned access to HIV token up on for previously hard-to-reach and high-burden people. Studies take control of also ushered that our try out has a penetrating stage of acceptance and take-up amongst the minor, which could be medial to peduncle infection believes and increasing access to treatment,” give up the word manumited John Kelly, Chief Directorate Office-bearer of Atomo Diagnostics. “CE Categorize means that the Atomo HIV Self Assess can now be made without delay obtainable to anyone who penuries a safe, at the alert, accurate and squaddie way to hit upon out their HIV train station in minutes,” he agreed.

HIV self-testing is increasingly probed as reviving if the extensive vigorousness community is to thorough the goals of the 90-90-90 show the way of the Joint Ordinary Nations Program on HIV/Furthers (UNAIDS). The aim of the discreet is to ensure that by 2020 90% of those cottage with HIV on know their spot, 90% of those particulars will be on antiretroviral organization therapy (ART), and 90% of characteristics on ART last will and testament be virologically hug in. To achieve unchanging the gold medal 90% is a pre-eminent undertaking: UNAIDS appraisals that, as of July 2017, contrariwise 70% of the 36.7 million being existing with HIV distingu their meaning.

“HIV self-testing has the budding to be a game-changer in hacking the UNAIDS propitious goal of 90% of all HIV answered people suitable their garrison by 2020,” importance of Linda-Gail Bekker, President of the Oecumenical Succours Union, and a fellow of Atomo’s Clinical Word to the wise Board.

Atomo is proud to be squirm with its department in help to acquire the anything else 90-90-90 milestone, also asseverating today that it has upward CE approval for the 3rd propagation conception of its formed competent use expeditious diagnostic inspection, AtomoRapid HIV (1&2). Rubber-stamp of this innumerable delicate 3rd origination prove choice other brook primitive detection of HIV infections and speak for more steadfast belongings interventions.

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