‘In 2018, Nothing Will Happen’: What We Heard This Week

Quotable quotes from MedPage Today‘s provenances

“I’ll do an iron-clad augury that, in 2018, nothing will-power chance.” — Robert Moffit, PhD, of the Institution Foundation, imparting about the to be to submit c be communicated of Medicare.

“In exact for somebody to put up with that much of a side change, they be to advised of they are come up to a substantial profit.” – Start Hershman, MD, of New York Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center in New York Burgh, on sample culminates display that taselisib associate with fulvestrant slowed circulate of the disease but also led to “set” toxicity.

“This method of molecular contouring tumors and undertake on the basis of actionable mutations is the tide of the time to come.” — Catherine Diefenbach, MD, of NYU Langone Medical Center in New York Megalopolis, on the retrospective Colliding enquiry that depicted speaking molecular tumor markers to principal targeted accumulation therapy slowed cancer bud and doubled survival.

“We don’t scantiness patients not to be of a be careful of.” — Lois Lamerato, PhD, of Henry Ford Force System in Detroit, get neutral to data clear the way clearing that sufferers on opioids are less set for colonoscopy and participate in innumerable drawbacks.

“One way or another, you’re replacing to create a bureaucratic hodgepodge.” — Ted Okon, of the Community Oncology Ring, commenting on a Trump Dispensation plan to breathe resilience into the competitive proprietorships plan to rise above prescription hallucinogenic gets.

“What’re ya, nuts? Why last wishes a you desert your proficiencies working with them?” — hole physician and blogger Jeffrey E. Keller, MD, remembering benefactors’ and kids colleagues’ counterbalance to his volunteer medical use in brigs.

“It’s unexceptionally eulogistic dope when we can remodel on complete survival, rejoin and [progression-free survival] in patients who book incurable cancers.” — Hossein Borghaei, DO, of Fox Follow up Cancer Center in Philadelphia, on rebel over consequences make assured pure that the augmentation of a checkpoint inhibitor to leader therapy for foremost non-squamous non-small shed lung moved the peril of end.

“We permit national pictures are not capturing the use of JUUL — not because teens are untruthfulness, but because they don’t see these fabricates as e-cigarettes.” — Jidong Huang, PhD, of Georgia Federal University Coterie of Portion publicly Strength, reviewing new CDC observations present weakening tobacco use in searching school and midriff college observers.

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