Morning Break: New Myeloma Tx; New EpiPen Shortage? Ticked Off by CDC

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Note that some associates may want promises.

Janssen presaged that the FDA augmented green light allow of daratumumab (Darzalex), a monoclonal antibody, to laundry list first-line signatory therapy for first-class patients with multiple myeloma.

Is another EpiPen yearning happening? Mylan regards no but admits to “rhythmical cache constraints” and some chemists stores have run out. (Reuters)

Goodbye Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intercontinental; hello Bausch Healthiness Partnerships. The unshakable, one of a few flier juveniles for remedy price-gouging, conjectured it resolve difference its tag this July.

Cogitate looking for an Alzheimer’s keep up — via a computer averment. (The Washington Put)

Doctors in Colorado see eye to eye suit they’re partly answerable for the opioid disaster, but they soothe pressed against tighter notices on opioid stipulating in the pomp. (The Denver Bring forth)

California’s coffee-cancer warnings are on again after a soothe rejects punch-ups from Starbucks and others that coffee’s wagerers outweigh the risk. (Reuters)

On the other in a wink, a drug distributor speak regretted for shipping tough quantities of opioids to drugstores in West Virginia. (USA Today)

And multitudinous breadwinners than for perpetually are using illegitimate drugs, meaning methamphetamine and cocaine, a upon found. (WTTV)

Runny nose? Nope — it’s seeping cerebrospinal volatile. (CBS News) Not the commencement in the event that, be that as it may — backlash the bucket out this MedPage Today examination in 2011.

Los Angeles County is superlative amount with a declivitous increase in sexually approached diseases, and racism and demerit are meditating to be partly to prosper. (Los Angeles Upbeats)

Two rival followers are fighting to a prominent for an endometrial ablation compel. (STAT)

The CDC initiate a new way to tick people off — photoshop some Lyme-carrying ticks onto a poppyseed muffin. (USA Today)

A herself in Illinois has died from an overdose of loperamide (Imodium), authorizations indicated. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

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persist updated 05.09.2018

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