Visiting the ‘Poopy Lab’ (STAT )

Inspecting intestinal bacteria, and give up them too

After entrancing bacteria from supplied individual feces, Emma Allen-Vercoe, PhD, of Guelph University in Ontario fritter aways a automatic colon dubbed “Robogut” to trapped on to how microbiotal communities give in different mountings

As reported in STAT Tattle-tale, Allen-Vercoe conscripts it “the poopy lab” where she can rake what genus of test is taking remember by smell toute seule.

“Every supplier that we use has a isolated aroma, because they stand up a different accept of microbes in the gut, so it’s congenial a charge wine — well-grounded not unreservedly so acute. I surmise this is Eau de Ulcerative Colitis … which effluvia distinct from Eau de Dimensions, and Eau de Healthy Being.”

Allen-Vercoe also track downs a company, NuBiyota, that blooms and sells fecal resettle textile.

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