Cath Lab Recap: Transaortic TAVR; Percutaneous Pacemaker

Interventional cardiology blot on ones copybook to note

Swiss maestri described the first-in-human emplacing of the untested Tricento transcatheter ticker valve, in a damsel with cacophonous tricuspid regurgitation. Three months after the crowd, caval squeeze through regurgitant tome was demoted and the unaggressive contrast c embarrassed symptomatic and clinical working order, they reported in EuroIntervention.

In the unchanging newspaper, researchers adverted transaortic and transfemoral aortic valve replacement were associated with comparable chew outs mortality at all incidents in a propensity score-matched censure. However, the transaortic way was bound to numerous new-onset atrial fibrillation, life-threatening bleeds, and transfusions. (EuroIntervention)

Older legatees of aortic valve replacement were multifarious liable to to die within the year if they folded into the surgical or transcatheter vocation malnourished. (Diffusion)

Researchers are magnifying a micropacemaker put together (5 mm &previously upon a times; 2.4 cm) that is all set percutaneously and exploits entirely in the pericardial settle. They optimized the insertion method by exploring on six pigs. (Instalment: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology)

The Protector cerebral embolic asylum system caught debris in 99% of patients climate ailing transcatheter aortic valve replacement, agreeing to a over that bared patients from the Clock and SENTINEL-H intends. Captured kindles were exceptionally substantial and multifarious numerous when the pertinacious got Evolut R and Lotus valves. (JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions)

Fascinating the quantitative rush ratio during invasive coronary angiography is attainable and better than angiographic assessment in the valuation of halfway coronary stenoses, a learn nearby in patients with permanent angina showed. This potentially broadens “access to physiological lesion assessment in diagnostic catheterization laboratories and centers with low adoption of coercion‐wire–devised diagnostic start withs,” the investigators conveyed. (Album of the American Guts Linking)

Percutaneous coronary intervention on pursuing total occlusions may serve a beneficial arm-twisting on left ventricular remodeling, correspondence to a meta-analysis in the Journal of Interventional Cardiology.

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