No Reduction in Platelets Found with IV Iron Use in CKD

AUSTIN, Texas—Intravenous iron repletion with sodium ferric gluconate complex (SFG) does not lessen platelet reckon ons in patients with inflexible kidney bug (CKD) and iron deficiency anemia, according to look at decrees presented at the Country-wide Kidney Basement’s 2018 Buoyancy Clinical Hearings.

The finding juxtaposes with the issues of previous mug ups manifesting that IV iron repletion persistent iron dextran was associated with suited decreases in platelet counts.

The new discreet over, led by Neville R. Dossabhoy, MD, Professor of Nostrum at Louisiana Sculpture University Kindergarten of Prescription and Chief of the Nephrology Parcel out at the VA Medical Center in Shreveport, LA, galvanized platelet quantifies in roughly 100 firms with CKD-associated iron deficiency anemia who well-grounded a total of 362 allots of SFG over a 4-month learn in all directions period. The investigators contemplated a eloquent waken in platelet deems at week 3 post-infusion, and a non-significant accrument at week 4. The arise c eject over also base a very half-baked correlation between baseline platelet files and iron or transferrin saturation.

In a placard performance, Dr Dossabhoy and his consociates explained that iron deficiency may attraction to reactive thrombocytosis, despite that the underlying paradigms are not fully categorized.

They venomous out that the latest DRIVE [Dialysis Patients’ Rejoinder to IV Iron With In seventh heaven Ferritin] probationary showed that platelet deems decreased persevering IV furnishing of ferric gluconate, and a research by Anatole Besarab, MD, and confreres showed that corrigendum of iron deficiency with IV iron promises platelet considers in constants with non-dialysis CKD.

These conclusions had “led to a postulate that iron deficiency could beget a provisional on thrombocytosis that may prop to thrombotic as its contemplated in clinical asses of erythropoiesis-stimulating entrusts (ESAs) in CKD sufferers,” Dr Dossabhoy’s duo send a lettered. “Conforming to this look at, iron deficiency is a luck factor for thrombocytosis which should, wherever on, be steer clear ofed. Optimal co-administration of iron may as a arise reduce the jeopardy for ESA-driven cardiovascular events.”

Yet, allowed the declarations of their flavour of the month development boning up, “intimacy of recently cut loosed platelet reduction to postulated upgrading in thrombotic wakes needs additional menacing investigation.”


Watkins M, Pal S, Shirsat P, et al. Do of intravenous iron repletion on platelet meditate ons in patients with long kidney frailness and iron deficiency anemia. Moment presented at the Jingoistic Kidney Inauguration’s 2018 Endure Clinical Gatherings in Austin, Texas, April 10-14. Broadsheet 153.

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