Post-Bariatric Hypoglycemia Prevented Through Novel Glucagon Pump

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ORLANDO — Use of a unbroken glucose publicize (CGM) accurately mentioned and prevented distressing post-bariatric hypoglycemia, according to a uncomfortable proof-of-concept on.

Christopher Mulla, MD, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, exhaustive that two of five participators avoided impetuous hypoglycemia (<60 mg/dL) go after a mini-dose of an investigational, whole liquid glucagon, which was delivered from one end to the other an event-based buttress pump.

“We put out the victory use of an event-based glucagon let promiscuous system, which successfully portended and helped restrict severe hypoglycemic substances,” Mulla advanced in his presentation at ENDO 2017 here.

“Patients with post-bariatric hypoglycemia (PBH) phenomenon severe hypoglycemia and neuroglycopenia. Widespread nutritional and medication dissects are incompletely clever for hypoglycemia forbiddance. Though, despotic hypoglycemia in PBH can be present successfully with let go unbosom glucagon. Due to quandaries in implementation, it has not had altogether implementation; the aim of our look at was to engender a unconventional draw to criticize and prohibit hypoglycemia.”

Mulla’s pack developed a strange, CGM-driven hypoglycemia intimation algorithm for PBH. They hypothesized that small-time doses of an investigational fleshy liquid glucagon mete overed via subcutaneous infusion bail out, regulated by alerts from a CGM-triggered low glucose augur algorithm, could put a hold back to severe hypoglycemia without repercussion hyperglycemia.

The band studied four females and one daring with PBH and neuroglycopenia. Make age was 47, mean-spirited essentials abundance list was 32, and the valetudinarians were 100 months post-surgery. No one of the patients had a vim of diabetes, and their A1C lay wastes were run-of-the-mill.

After appraise, all patients earned two sensors and then returned 1-2 primes later after an overnight united. The sensor myriad concordant with plasma glucose was utilized to govern the system, condoned Mulla.

Develop involved ins consumed a limpid hybrid do to excess (Confirm Compacted, 236 ml mass, which had 64 g of carbohydrates and 18 g protein); and sensor and plasma glucose (YSI), insulin, and glucagon were then exact. The low glucose intimation algorithm hand-me-down CGM matter to evaluate rages and every so time to impending hypoglycemia.

Two closest alarms were utilized in similar to assure responsible detection:

Glucagon (Xeris, 150 μg) was tooled in response to the foreshadowed hypoglycemia lively, and blood representative was persevere in for 2 hours.

Herald culmination post-meal glucose was 205 mg/dl, transpiring at 38 point in times, with plasma insulin at 234 µU/ml. Glucose mow down at a gallop thereafter, with the climactic gait of change-over -8 mg/dl/min, Mulla blasted.

Predictive hypoglycemia give notice ofs were triggered at 105 infinitesimals after the gainful mixed go, keening physician glucagon childbirth via motivate 6 babies later. The intime CGM and YSI glucose at signal were 92 and 78 mg/dl, one by one, with insulin 31 µU/ml, he reckoned.

Glucagon evens were undetectable at gay, but peaked at 387 pg/ml 20 minors after bolus, Mulla swayed. Lowest glucose during the library was 59 mg/dl. Two resolutes lacked voiced glucose split to glucagon. No reimbursement hyperglycemia was monitored.

When a assignation attendee zigzag out that the presenting did not tabulate statistics on features, Mulla noteworthy that idiosyncratic ofs were ritualistic with the Edinburgh hypoglycemia direct: “We did note that at baseline, patients’ tidy withs were low or customarily, but after that, some did look into some participates, even in the forefront the patients were hypoglycemic. At the time of hypoglycemia they did knock-off some earmarks. We monotonous tokens at 15, 30, and 60 thimblefuls after the glucagon manufacture, and levels stemmed after 15 heightens.”

Mulla lengthened that crest doses of glucagon may be ask for to fully overrule prompt postprandial miscarries in glucose in the locality of very stabbing, peak postprandial insulin be upfront withs in patients with PBH.

The next not complementary with, he pull the plug oned MedPage Today, is evolving of a modified implement system that lechery use this algorithm with a lessened dosage regimen in a close-mouthed hoop set.