Results Promising for Semaglutide Obesity Tx (Novo Nordisk Press Release)

Up to decent about 40lb millstone waste reported after 1 year of treatment

Findings from a off II clinical enquiry explored once-daily semaglutide was useful for weight shrinkage, Novo Nordisk preceded today.

The 52-week lawsuit, which dull 957 sharers with chubbiness, were randomized to bamboozle home subcutaneous semaglutide (0.05 to 0.4 mg per day) or a placebo set. Mimic treatment, the semaglutide congregation au fait a 13.8% albatross destruction from baseline versus 2.3% put out for the placebo catalogue. While the treatment was chiefly well-tolerated, some adverse gastrointestinal romances were covered.