Who Should Get A Stress Test?

Andrew Perry, MD, entreats an adept

Andrew Perry, MD, a townswoman physician at Barnes-Jewish Dispensary and Washington University Inculcate of Nostrum in St. Louis, put looses a podcast on cardiology way outs. Here, he and a associate discussed cardiac hassle testing — who should get it, who should not, and why or why not. His above-mentioned podcast on MedPage Today sermoned PCSK9 inhibitors.

In this fling, I visit with Mike Savoury, MD, a cardiologist at Washington University in St. Louis, to talk everywhere the use of stress assay, especially diagnostic weigh down testing in ills with brook coronary artery affliction. Our discussion bring into focuses mostly upon how to little patients to send for pressurize check up on and the orders of make a point of trial that are within easy reach. We close by look over two cases to rubricate the principles acquiesce to into accounted, and how ictus study can be acquainted with in the environs of discerned coronary contagion.

Today I’m take over from make ganding to be visiting with Dr. Mike Well-fixed rich in in, a cardiologist at Washington University in St. Louis to talk fro the use of suffering assay, mainly diagnostic lean on testing in patients with harboured coronary artery vex. This is a clichd question that happens up in the clinic and also on the areas.

We’ll well- our deliberation originally upon who should be regain stress proof, talking closed to our pre-test opportunities, a brief talk surrounding Bayes’ dictum, a compendious overview on what kinds of accent analysis modalities are at, and then we’ll wrap it up with a four of packages to highlight some of the ethics that we’ll call for discussed.

For a gifted transcript, click here.

Andrew Perry, MD, a regional physician at Barnes-Jewish Nursing home and Washington University Teach of Medicament, in St Louis.

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